Paolina Russo

Copenhagen Fashion Week Paolina Russo Brand Image

Paolina Russo is a London based brand founded in 2021 by Paolina Russo and Lucile Guilmard.


Paolina Russo merges futurism and nostalgia through community-driven craft and innovation. From their London-based studio, Alex Russo and Lucile Guilmard bring together artisanal methods and industrial production, seamlessly connecting heritage craftsmanship and modern technology. By distilling the essence of craftsmanship to its core, the designers push it to new, modern directions.

Traditional crafts such as knitwear, natural dyeing, and wood carving are modernized and challenged, resulting in a unique aesthetic blend of folkloric tradition and futuristic innovation.

Paolina Russo thrives on a collaborative ethos, working hand-in-hand with the makers in factories. This unique approach enables the brand to continuously challenge and expand design boundaries.

In addition to winning the Zalando Visionary Award, Paolina Russo is a finalist of the LVMH Prize 2023, as well as of the International Woolmark Prize 2023. The brand is part of 1 Granary's support and mentorship programme.

  • SS24 Runway

  • SS24 Runway