Paolina Russo

Copenhagen Fashion Week Paulina Russo Brand Image

Paolina Russo is a London based brand founded in 2021 by Paolina Russo and Lucile Guilmard.

The brand is a rose-tinted supercut of Russo’s suburban upbringing in Canada, and Guilmard’s French folklore references. Memories of youth sports teams and DIY arts-and-crafts projects assemble the brand's avant-garde garments. Since completing a BA and MA at Central Saint Martins, receiving the L'Oreal Creative Young Talent Award, and establishing a multi project collaboration with Adidas, Russo and Guilmard have been increasingly defined by considered craftsmanship, sustainability and innovation in textile development. Blending Russo's roots in knitwear with Guilmard's contemporary cutting methods, along with a shared craft obsession, Paolina Russo returns to the playful brashness of adolescence.