Fine Chaos

Copenhagen Fashion Week Fine Chaos Brand Image

Fine Chaos is an androgynous, youthful, and expressive brand that finds beauty in unexpected places and elements.


With a love for deconstruction, reconstruction, and expression, Fine Chaos pulls you into its dystopian otherworldly universe, making you feel like a part of the underground community from which the brand emerged.

The name and oxymoron 'Fine Chaos' encapsulates the brand's design philosophy, which centers around a fusion of opposing elements, resulting in what can only be described as 'a Beautiful Madness'.

Founded in 2021 by Designer and Creative Director, March C. Møllerskov, the Copenhagen-based brand has already garnered attention from known retailers such as HBX & Opener, and continues to expand the brand internationally.

Fine Chaos is known for their captivating storytelling and depiction of an underground scene that isn’t always represented in Scandinavia. Creating a strong community has been a focus point from the start, and it has only grown with time.