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Skall Studio is a Danish sustainable fashion brand, established in 2014 by sisters Julie & Marie Skall. Skall has become synonymous with the core values that the brand still represents today.

Skall Studio believe that the path to a more sustainable wardrobe starts with timeless design of a high quality and made of natural materials, that will last season after season. Skall Studio offer an alternative to the rapidly changing trends and fast fashion that are creating overproduction and stressful working environments.

On a personal level, the sustainable lifestyle creates a balanced everyday life. Opting out gives Julie & Marie energy and helps founders focus better in this modern world of infinite choices. They value to have few but good things around them, and to have a clear conscience when looking into their wardrobe. It is the brand's hope that the spirit of joy in our collections, together with the choice you have made, will bring you the same kind of peace as we find, when making the sustainable choices.

Julie & Marie grew up close to the countryside and learned about recycling and to care for the environment, so a sustainable lifestyle came natural to them. It is mirrored in their everyday life but also in the way they run their business. Julie & Marie love and prefer natural materials with all the good qualities they offer, and they spend a lot of efforts finding the very best for their collections. Their collections are made without compromising the environmental and social aspects of the production, including the welfare of humans and animals. They chose to work with few very good factories who are certified according to international standards, who share Skall studio's values and never compromise on the quality, environment or working conditions.


Sustainability is a core value at Skall Studio. The brand works across five principles: sustainable fashion is timeless design, made from natural materials, made in a socially responsible supply chain, made with environmental care and that sustainable fashion is given a long life through care and responsibility.

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