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Skall Studio is a Danish sustainable fashion brand, established in 2014 by sisters Julie & Marie Skall. Skall has become synonymous with the core values that the brand still represents today.


Sustainability has been the core value of Skall Studio since the Copenhagen-based fashion brand was founded in 2014 by the two sisters Julie and Marie Skall. Julie and Marie grew up in the coastal area of Northern Jutland, surrounded by nature. A background that plays a great role in their approach to design and preference for natural materials. With a vegan lifestyle, minimal use of animal products in the collections, and a general sustainable and conscious approach to design and development, Skall Studio has created a design universe of effortless, elegant, and feminine styles, where quality is never compromised. Styles that are designed to stay in the wardrobe for many years and to be worn beyond season.

Each collection is made without compromising the environmental and social aspects of the production, including the welfare of humans and animals. Among others, Skall Studio is known for their knit made in Denmark, spun from Danish wool in one of the few remaining spinning mills in Denmark, and afterwards knitted and stitched in one of the few remaining knitting factories in Denmark. A way to support local craftsmanship and to ensure transparency in the supply chain. From SS22 Skall Studio is GOTS certified.


Skall Studio who is GOTS certified from SS22 works across five principles for sustainable fashion which are highlighted in their sustainability manifesto: Timeless design, natural materials, a socially responsible supply chain, responsible production that minimizes the impact on the planet, and to take care of garments to make them last longer.

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