Copenhagen Fashion Week Bonnetje Brand Image

Bonnetje, a Copenhagen-based brand, specializes in cutting up old suits and reassembling the pieces into new silhouettes.


By reusing defunct materials, Bonnetje contribute to the search for fashion beyond the current throwaway society. Their focus extends to past, present, and future sustainable practices.

Bonnetje does not aim to pioneer a brand new style but offers their perspective on the emerging movement of circularity within fashion. Collaboration with contemporary peers and across generations is essential to the brand's approach. Rather than discarding yesterday’s fashion, they aim to preserve it for today and reintroduce it into circulation. In refashioning existing suit items, Bonnetje literally turns certain parts inside-out, honoring the meticulous tailoring by exposing hidden details such as seams, pockets, and lining.

Additionally, they incorporate feminine silhouettes into classic masculine forms, blurring the lines between inclusion and exclusion within clothing.