Ukrainian Fashion Week presents

Copenhagen Fashion Week Ukrainian Fashion Week Brand image

Ukrainian Fashion Week launched the "Support Ukrainian Fashion" Initiative in March 2022, aiming to help Ukrainian designers after the start of the full-scale Russian invasion.


Ukrainian fashion brands J’AMEMME, KATERINA KVIT, OMELIA, PLNGNS, and SIDLETSKIY, striving to preserve creativity, cultural heritage, craftsmanship while uniting their sustainability efforts, will unveil their latest collections on August 8.

The theme of the presentation is Askania-Nova, one of the oldest biosphere reserves on the planet and the largest protected steppe territory in Europe, which is currently suffering daily due to the occupation and Russian military activity.

We aim to preserve our planet, ecosystem, and natural treasure Askania-Nova, as well as our crafts, traditions, culture, heritage, creativity, and life through the darkest times.

Our resilience is a testament to the strength of the fashion industry, the power of solidarity, and the indomitable spirit of Ukrainian designers. We invite you to witness firsthand the vibrancy and innovation that define Ukrainian fashion in our SS25 presentation.