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Applications for the SS24 Presentation & Event Schedule are now open

The official presentation and event schedule will be visible on our website just like the official show schedule, making it visible to our +37,000 website visitors and the +67,000 website sessions received during AW23 and is a unique opportunity for companies both within the fashion industry and beyond to be a part of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Presentation and events listed on the official event schedule may overlap, unlike the official show schedule where shows have exclusive slots. As part of the official event schedule, you will be provided with an online event profile on our website, featuring an image of your choice, as well as details about your event and company. Presentations and events can be by invitation only or be open to the public.

Please note that all presentation and event listings on the official schedule incur a listing fee. Find all information collated on event applications and listings, inclusive of pricing and procedure, prior to submitting an application.

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Contact person This will be the main point of contact for all communication pertaining to the brand’s application
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Advertise on Copenhagen Fashion Week's channels Should you wish to purchase exposure add-ons, CPHFW will get in contact regarding content.

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Advertise on Fashion Forum’s channels Should you wish to purchase exposure add-ons, Fashion Forum will get in touch regarding content. For tailor made offers, articles and podcast opportunities, please contact Editor in Chief, Carla Aagaard-Strube

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