Event Schedule Information

AW24 Copenhagen Fashion Week Creator Hub Party Tonya Matyu 34

Information relevant to the SS25 Event Schedule

The official event schedule will be visible on our website alongside the official show & presentation schedule, making it visible to our global website visitors during the week of fashion week.

'As part of the official event schedule will, you will be provided with an online event profile on our website, featuring an image of your choice, as well as details about your event and company. Events can be by invitation only or be open to the public. RSVP details are listed on your event page for prospective attendees to get in touch.

Event Formats

An event could be an installation, breakfast event, lunch event, dinner event, cocktail event, exhibition, workshop, party etc. The event can take place digitally or physically, with a maximum timespan of 5 days (5 – 9 August 2024).

SS25 Key Dates

  • 15 April - Applications Open: Event Schedule
  • 26 June – 2 August Ongoing release of Event Schedule
  • 2 August - Application Close: Event Schedule

SS25 Event Schedule Pricing

  • Show & Presentation Schedule brands: Free
  • Event Schedule services for schools: 2.500 DKK
  • Event schedule services for companies with less than DKK 1 million in annual turnover: 2.500 DKK
  • Event services for companies between DKK 1-20 million in annual turnover: 5.000 DKK
  • Event services for companies between DKK 20-50 million in annual turnover: 10.000 DKK
  • Event services for companies between DKK 50-100 million in annual turnover: 12.000 DKK
  • Event services for companies with more than or equal to DKK 100 million in annual turnover: 15.000 DKK

*The price is regardless of format (digital vs. physical events), and regardless of the timespan of the event.