Zalando Visionary Award

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Copenhagen Fashion Week and Zalando are honored to present the Zalando Visionary Award debuting in the upcoming SS24 edition of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Following three successful years of the Zalando Sustainability Award, the concept evolves further into the Zalando Visionary Award, recognizing the makers of the future and enabling designers to showcase not only their sustainability efforts but also their dedication to design and creativity, innovation and positive social impact.

The Zalando Visionary Award is spotlighting brands that not only champion sustainability but also highlight their dedication towards creativity and design, social impact and innovation with the goal of creating meaningful change.

Application Criteria

The Zalando Visionary Award is based on three pillars: creativity and design, social impact and innovation. To be eligible for the award, applicants need to demonstrate how they are making waves in one or more of the following pillars in addition to fulfilling Copenhagen Fashion Week’s sustainability requirements. The applications will be reviewed and the winner will be determined by an international jury consisting of industry thought leaders and representatives from Zalando in addition to the Copenhagen Fashion Week show committee.

  • Creativity and Design: brands with a standout visual aesthetic reflecting their identity and individuality bringing this to life from vision/ concept to reality through design, prints, patterns and textiles while capturing the zeitgeist.
  • Social Impact: brands that are driving diversity, equity and inclusion within their company, advertising campaigns and assortment. They do so by engaging in meaningful conversations, for instance by contributing to social causes, advocating for transparency or amplifying different communities.
  • Innovation: brands that use and champion innovative production techniques in order to produce forward-thinking collections. Innovative production techniques can include sourcing new materials, introducing new dying techniques and incorporating cutting-edge technology into their supply chain – showcasing the future of fashion.

Please be aware that Zalando can only accept applications from apparel brands and not pure accessory, kidswear or swimwear brands.

The prize

The winning brand will be awarded a monetary prize of 50.000 Euro.

The production support

Zalando will secure the following to support the winning brand in the production process in the lead up to CPHFW:

  • Show venue in Copenhagen
  • Production and guest management agency
  • Basic set design (eg. light, sound, runway and seats)
  • Backstage catering
  • Photographer
  • Videographer

The winner will receive 35.000 Euro as additional support in production costs for the show production which can cover the following expenses that the winning brand will be in charge of:

  • Models
  • Hair and make-up
  • Backstage coordinator
  • Choreographer
  • Music and music rights
  • Additional set design to suit the brand’s needs

As part of the show production Zalando will appoint a project manager to the winning brand to help support with the planning process.

Submit your application

Deadline 2 May, 2023