How to Apply

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Application process for CPHFW NEWTALENT

How to apply

Admission criteria:
  • Up to 5 years in business when applying
  • Minimum 3 stockists
  • For Nordic ready-to-wear brands only

Application process

Step 1
Brands apply using the application form on the Copenhagen Fashion Week website. The application form will be visible on the website when applications open.

Step 2
All applicants will be reviewed by the official Copenhagen Fashion Week Show & Presentation Committee consisting of domestic and international professionals from the fashion industry. The committee decides on what brands get to be admitted to the Official Show & Presentation Schedule, and CPHFW NEWTALENT, basing their decision on:

  • Runway/presentation potential
  • Previous accomplishments
  • Fashionability
  • Future prospect
  • Efforts on sustainability

Step 3
All members of the official Copenhagen Fashion Week Show & Presentation Committee hand in their votes.

Step 4
The brand receiving the highest number of votes is enrolled into CPHFW NEWTALENT.

Sustainability requirements

As part of the application process, brands will be asked to fill out a survey to assess their efforts on sustainability. The survey will be provided by Copenhagen Fashion Week and must be filled out within the timeframe provided.

Brands that are part of CPHFW NEWTALENT are exempt from living up to the Sustainability Requirements when applying, but do commit to living up to the Sustainability Requirements, consisting of the minimum standards within the time being active part of the CPHFW NEWTALENT scheme.

Rotating system

Copenhagen Fashion Week will be welcoming 1-3 new brands per season. Brands are an active part of CPHFW NEWTALENT for 3 consecutive seasons, before moving on to becoming part of CPHFW NEWTALENT Alumni.

Slot secured on the Official Show & Presentation Schedule

For a total of 3 seasons, CPHFW NEWTALENT brands are secured a slot on the Official Copenhagen Fashion Week Show & Presentation Schedule. This means that CPHFW NEWTALENT brands are automatically accepted for 3 consecutive seasons, and thereby excluded from the review of the Official Copenhagen Fashion Week Show & Presentation Committee.

The brands commit to do a show or a presentation as part of the official Copenhagen Fashion Week show & presentation schedule for each of the three seasons. Please note, a minimum of one show format must be held by the brands across the three seasons in the timespan of being actively part of CPHFW NEWTALENT.

Furthermore, CPHFW NEWTALENT brands will not be charged any show schedule fee for 3 seasons.

Season 4: 50% reduction of full price

Season 5 and onwards: full price