Saks Potts

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Saks Potts is a copenhagen-based brand launched in 2014 by Cathrine Saks and Barbara Potts.


Growing up in Copenhagen together inspired and established the importance of the Copenhagen roots and lifestyle for Saks Potts. Barbara & Cathrine spend a lot of time on the countryside of Denmark, especially up north in Barbara’s family holiday home, also called a summerhouse in danish. Being in the danish nature, breathing in the fresh air from walks in the forest or by the sea, they rewind and get inspiration for new ideas for the collection, which might give it a practical touch.


Saks Potts is highly committed to addressing and avoiding adverse impacts on the basic principles for social, environmental, and economic development that we cause, contribute to, or are linked to via our business relationships.

Furthermore, has Saks Potts been working with a sustainability expert throughout the past year to create a 360-degree sustainability strategy for the company. As a result of this strategy, the company has developed a three-year plan with milestones to achieve already within the current year.

Throughout this process is Saks Potts focusing on improving two areas in particular: their Product and Material Policy and their Code Of Conduct. Saks Potts seeks to ensure that the company as well as their suppliers operate in accordance with the requirements of the enclosed Code of Conduct and thereby work towards alignment with the internationally recognised principles for sustainable development.

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