Small Talks, Big Conversations: Amelia Hoy with All of us

Copenhagenfashionweek Nicole Kavander

Amelia Hoy hosts her talk series with Nicole Kavander, discussing anti racist practices in the Scandinavian fashion industry

As part of the talk series exploring anti racist practices in the Scandinavian fashion industry, Amelia Hoy discusses creating initiatives in and across Scandinavia with Nicole Kavander, co-founder of All of us.


Nicole Kavander

Business director, Podcaster and Co-founder of All of us, a network that champions diversity and inclusion in the creative industries in Sweden.

Amelia Hoy

American Danish actor Amelia Hoy graduated from the acclaimed conservation the Danish National School of Performing Arts in 2015, and now works internationally. She is currently starring in the Antarctic drama series The Head. Amelia has hosted content for Copenhagen Fashion Week and Copenhagen Fashion Summit for several years, alongside interviewing talent, press, and international fashion professionals.

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