CPHFW Networking: Making fashion circular while creating less

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Copenhagen Fashion Week invites fashion SMEs to our next networking event in Copenhagen

About the event

This event is for fashion SMEs (companies with less than 250 employees and a max of € 50 m turnover) to network and get inspired on “Making fashion circular while creating less”. On the quest to slow down the fashion system and to be more resource efficient – this networking event aims to spark action and new partnerships between fashion SMEs and solution providers.

The speaker programme will introduce participants to; how to re-circulate garments through renting and resale; local and efficient manufacturing; logistics solutions to reduce emissions; made-to-order practices and more.

This event is part of Small but Perfect, a project co-funded by the European Commission’s COSME programme, that accelerates fashion SMEs to transition to circular business models. Visit their website to find resources and to join their network.

The event will take place on 21 April at SPACE10, between 10.00-11.30.

Event introduction and host by Faith Robinson

After a welcome from Copenhagen Fashion Week, Faith Robinson will introduce and host the event.

Following an Art History BA and now an experimental masters in Degrowth: Ecology, Economics & Policy, Faith is Head of Content at Global Fashion Agenda. Previously working independently at the intersection of fashion and sustainability strategy, Faith has worked on special projects as a business, non-profit, education and governmental advisor alongside a fascinating breadth of cultural consultancy and programming. After working internationally in the creative industries for a decade, she has developed a reputation for carefully mediating different approaches to change in the context of our planet’s climate emergency.

Speaker programme

In the speaker programme, participants will hear from solution providers incl. case studies from partner brands (case studies TBC). After speaker presentations CPHFW open for networking alongside pre-booked meetings between speakers and attending SMEs. Please find speaker bios below.


Speaking at the event: Thomas Østergaard-Geisler, Co-Founder

’s purpose has from the start been to make re-commerce simple and profitable for brands so their partner brands can substitute production of new items with re-commerce. They do that by helping brands launching re-commerce as part of their brand universe supporting multiple business models.


Speaking at the event: Amalie Bjerager Arnesen, Co-founder Fjong Danmark

Fjong is an online rental platform giving customers access to a shared wardrobe of quality clothes. The clothes are overstock from brands and retailers. FJONG thereby helps to ensure that the clothes, already produced, reach consumers and reduce waste.


Speaking at the event: Dorthe Anna Kujawa, National Excellence Manager & Tender Expert

Kuehne+Nagel are leaders on Global Freight Forwarding and Supply Chain Management, who promotes global trade, while simultaneously addressing, improving, anddelivering concrete solutions to the challenges the fashion industry faces. Through real time data they create a view of transports, routings and CO2 emissions in modern and innovative environments and help to empower businesses in their decision processes. By raising awareness on which logistics solutions exist they help businesses take the first step to reduce emissions of supply chain practices. As official partner of Copenhagen Fashion Week the aim is to raise more awareness among fashion brands on supply chain solutions.

Nicklas Skovgaard

Nicklas Skovgaard is a considered, luxury womenswear brand, with a strong elocution intending to delight through unexpected parallels.Founded in 2020, the Copenhagen-based brand aims to explore the relationship textiles can hold in expressing narrative through the marriage of unexpected material and classical form. Creating his own textiles that cultivate an exceptional surface, Nicklas Skovgaard taught himself weaving after discovering a small loom and crafting swatches of his own fabric. Expanding on to a bigger surface allowed Nicklas to create larger pieces moulded into jackets, hats and capelets. With his handmade textiles mapped against contradictory fabrications and cut into unexpected silhouettes, there is a strange visual appeal to the combinations that range from hand-woven wool fabric merged with water repellant fabric, or silk taffeta astride stretch jersey. Resulting silhouettes are captivating in their unexpected manipulations and combinations, hoping to profess a dreamlike state clothes can affect.

Rodinia Generation

Speaking at the event: Trine Young, Founder & CEO

Rodinia Generation’s mission is to make clothing production on-demand, onshore, sustainable, and profitable and eliminate overproduction. The micro-factory they have developed is truly revolutionary with two patents pending. It’s small in size, yet it can produce clothing 137 times faster than traditional methods. It’s also cost-effective, saving up to 14% per piece of clothing produced, while reducing the CO2 footprint of a garment by up to 98%. These micro-factories can produce clothing with zero water usage, unlike traditional methods that use thousands of liters of water just to produce one t-shirt. All of this is made possible by their in-house developed software.

RSVP here! Limited tickets available. RSVPs are handled on ‘first come, first serve’ basis and Copenhagen Fashion Week will reach out with your confirmation.