Announcing Modem as the AW24 B2B news partner

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Copenhagen Fashion Week is pleased to announce renewed partnership with Modem for the AW24 season.

Modem is a communication platform introduced over twenty years ago, connecting creatives and businesses within the B2B markets, covering fashion, art, and design.

Modem consists of eight interconnected professional communication platforms, all with their own identity and function. With six annual publications, the ad-free Modem Mag is curated for buyers, buying offices, multi-brand showrooms, and press.

With a 360 approach, Modem creates bespoke content to be accessed through its app while publishing bi-weekly newsletters highlighting business insights and select sales campaigns from clients and partners.

Visit Modem's website to discover the AW24 schedule of shows, events, and presentations, as well as news and highlights from this season of Copenhagen Fashion Week.