AW24 Show Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions pertaining to all brands applying and taking part of Copenhagen Fashion Week AW24.

Application Terms

When you submit an application to be on considered for the Copenhagen Fashion Week Official Show Schedule using our online application form, we collect personal data about you and the brand that you represent. This collection of personal data is necessary in order for us to pursue our legitimate interest in operating as Copenhagen Fashion Week. The application form data will be collected by Copenhagen Fashion Week and shared with necessary third parties, counting the Official Copenhagen Fashion Week Show Committee and relevant partners of CPHFW.

CPHFW use of imagery and videography

CPHFW reserves the rights to use any audio/visual content, including imagery and video, captured by our photographers, videographers and livestreaming partners. Furthermore, Copenhagen Fashion Week will share all runway, backstage and street style imagery across the official image bank that third parties have the rights to use for editorial and social media purposes. This excludes the right for third parties to use the above mentioned assets for commercial purposes.

The primary purpose of reserving these rights is to enable Copenhagen Fashion Week to share the highlights of the event with the press, media and the public. This means that any images or videos captured by our partners may be used in press releases, social media posts, news articles, and other promotional materials that are aimed at promoting the event.

In addition, Copenhagen Fashion Week may also use this content for out of home promotional marketing assets. This could include billboards, posters, digital billboards, digital place-based ads, bus shelters, busses and other forms of advertising that are aimed at attracting attention to the event.

Model rights clearance for brands and CPHFW

To ensure that the rights of models are respected and protected, all brands participating in Copenhagen Fashion Week are required to clear the rights to use images and video content of the models in marketing materials for Copenhagen Fashion Week. Brands in question must clear model rights of use of imagery and videography for third party editorial and social purposes.

Brands must obtain consent for both parties from the models or their agencies before using any images and video content of them in any marketing materials, including print and digital advertisements, social media posts, and promotional materials. The consent should clearly outline the intended use of the images and video content and any compensation that may be due to the models for the use of their likeness.

This clause is designed to protect the rights of models and ensure that they have control over how their images and video contents are used. It also ensures that brands and Copenhagen Fashion Week are using images and video contents of models ethically and legally, and in alignment with our Minimum Requirements.

Music Rights

Brands partaking in CPHFW have the responsibility to clarify music rights with Koda when being the provider of the music on their own platforms, such as streaming on their own websites and SoMe channels, as well as physical shows and events.

Official Show schedule participation

All brands must adhere to CPHFW's Minimum Standards pertaining to their show production. This includes:

  • Set design and show production is zero waste*
  • Do not utilise single-use plastic packaging backstage during fashion week but offer recyclable, recycled or repurposable alternatives
  • Offset or inset the carbon footprint of the show
  • Are signatory of the Danish Fashion Ethical Charter and consider diversity and inclusivity when casting models

*It is mandatory for all participating show brands to have trash sorting in place at their show location. It is up to the brands themselves to organise this, e.g. through the venue, a trash sorting provider or the likes.

At the show day, a Copenhagen Fashion Week representative must be given access to brands backstage area to review their compliance to the above Minimum Standards. Additional documentation can be submitted by the brand within a month after their show. If the brands show production does not comply to the requirements of the Minimum Standards, brands will receive a warning according to CPHFW’s 3-step warning system:

  • First warning: Personal outreach from CPHFW team to adjust for next time where flagged
  • Second warning: Personal outreach from CPHFW team to adjust for next time where flagged and fee will be raised
  • Third warning: Implication on preference for the show schedule slot or total exclusion of participation

Mandatory communication guidelines for CPHFW’s Minimum StandardsBrands living up to CPHFW’s Minimum Standards are required to follow mandatory communication guidelines informed by the Sustainability Requirements brand communication package. When completing the Sustainability Requirements survey, you will get an overall survey score, however you will only get screened and verified for the Minimum Standards. The score is for your self-assessment only and should not be shared externally. In cases where Copenhagen Fashion Week flag misleading communication about brands’ Minimum Standards verification or misuse of the Minimum Standard stamp, brand must correct or take down the content.

Model casting

All brands showcasing on the official show schedule must provide Medical Certificates of models who are not signed to a Danish MA for the shows. Danish models must go through a health check. If the health check is done at the age of 22, the check is valid for the rest of the model's career. Casting sheets in excel or pdf form are to be submitted post fashion week and should only include the models full name, agency and social media handle.

Payment terms

A criterion for participation in Copenhagen Fashion Week is to strictly follow the payment terms. Invoices which remain unpaid will result in the brands exclusion from the show schedule.

Application Fee Payment Terms

All brands applying for the Copenhagen Fashion Week Official Show Schedule will receive an invoice for the application fee shortly after the application deadline. This invoice must be paid before the 16th of October in order to secure the review of your application.

Show Schedule Fee Payment Terms

All brands on the Copenhagen Fashion Week Official Show Schedule are required to pay a 1st invoice of 50% of the show schedule fee once they are confirmed for the show schedule, that must be paid before the 8th of November in order to be included in the brand line up announcement.

Brands will receive a 2nd invoice of the remaining 50% of the show schedule fee no later than 4th of January, which must be paid by the 16th of January after Fashion Week.


In case a brand decides to cancel participation one month before the event, the show schedule fee will not be reimbursed.

A cancellation fee of 2.000 DKK will apply for brands that pull out of the show schedule earlier than 1 month before the event.

CPHFW NEWTALENT Show production costs

For the 3 seasons that CPHFW NEWTALENT brands are an active member of the scheme, there will be no show schedule fee related to their placement on the official show schedule. However, costs related to show production, including but not limited to model casting, venue, PR agency, lights, runway production etc., must be covered by the brand.


All brands are required to livestream their showcases. It is the decision of the brand to which platform they wish to stream to and in which format. All brands are expected to provide a high quality production livetsream.

Data Processing and Sharing

CPHFW may retain and use all information contained in the official website application form and in all communication/dialog with CPHFW related to AW24. CPHFW reserves the right of sharing main point of contact shared in the application of brands with relevant third parties that contribute to and ensure a smooth execution of fashion week. These third party companies/organisations are: JustLugonja (livestreaming partner), Koda (managing composers, songwriters and music publishers rights), MPO/IFPI (managing music producer rights).


For CPHFW to operate effectively and provide the services expected by the industry and other partners, all brands must adhere to the deadlines communicated by the CPHFW team. CPHFW has the right to step back from an agreement with a brand if deadlines are not met.