TikTok to continue partnership with Copenhagen Fashion Week for AW23


Copenhagen Fashion Week is excited to continue a partnership with TikTok for the forthcoming AW23 seasons.

Copenhagen Fashion Week's TikTok channel will be guest hosted by four of the Nordics' exciting creators Victoria Sharp, Osama al Nasar, Samuel Lejon and Eve-Lily. Covering ground from street style, backstage, live from the front row and everything in between, the guest hosts will be vlogging, reviewing and documenting. Follow #cphfw and @cphfw on TikTok to see the week of AW23 unfold.⁠

Victoria Sharp

Victoria Sharp is an avant-garde and fashion forward persona who loves to push limits. She’s consistently ambitious about curating, rethinking new looks and images. Her social media is not only focused on her distinctive looks and fashion sense, but connecting with her followers on a deeper level in terms of building confidence and the new age of femininity. Seeking to be innovative while bonding with her followers who also are curious to breaking new ground.

Osama al Nasar

Alongside Osama's work with NGOs teaching the next generation of young adults how to become more inclusive in everyday life by minimising and preventing racism, you will find him working with a variety of fashion brands. A lot of Osama’s inspiration comes from his Scandinavian upbringing: from his experience in the refugee centre to riding his bike throughout the streets of Copenhagen. You are also able to see in his TikToks that he is very inspired by his Middle Eastern background and it is evident how the two cultures have influenced Osama’s style.

Samuel Lejon

Samuel Lejon’s sense of style started as a kid when he was taking part in dance competitions. In more recent days, fashion became a way of self expression for Samuel, and today he inspires others to experiment with clothes. Currently Samuel is working at Eytys in Stockholm and has a podcast on Spotify, together with two of his closest friends. Samuel has built his follower base on TikTok by posting content and expressing himself freely as if no one but him was supposed to see it.


Eve-Lily is a colourful maximalist and Crazy Cat Lady who rose to TikTok fame for her viral ‘Front Row Fashion’ Series in 2021. Since then, her fearlessness to push boundaries in fashion has continued her upward trajectory as she became known for her layering, pattern clashing and fun & relatable GRWMs. A creative fashion account with a pinch of cute cat content, what more could you ask for?