New Nordic Fashion Exhibition Initiative

Alpha article

Alpha has initiated a collaborative platform with four museums in the Nordic region to celebrate new talents in fashion.

Each year over the course of four years, one museum will host an exhibition which will coincide with physical and digital programmes and events that Alpha and the museums will co-create.

“As a Nordic organization for emerging fashion designers, I have long wanted to engage with museums across the Nordics in a long-term project to create a shared exhibition platform to feature new talents in fashion. Together with these prominent museums, we can now share the work of talented designers in the region with the wider public, and at the same time create greater awareness about the cultural value of fashion,” says Ane Lynge-Jorlén, Director of Alpha.

Commencing in May 2023 with an exhibition at the Röhsska museum in Gothenburg, which focuses on emerging Nordic fashion designers’ use of knitwear and print. In 2024, the National Museum in Oslo will host an exhibition. “The contemporary Nordic fashion scene is a rich cultural field that merits more attention from the museum sector,” says Hanne Eide from the National Museum in Oslo.
EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art in Finland will follow suit with an exhibition in 2025.
Copenhagen Contemporary Museum concludes the collaboration with an exhibition in 2026.

Participating museums:

The Röhsska Museum of Design and Craft
The National Museum in Oslo

Espoo Museum of Modern Art

Copenhagen Contemporary