Kuehne+Nagel is offering logistics and advice for CPHFW brands SS24

SS23 Copenhagen Fashion Week Ganni Backstage 36

For so many brands, freight for their collections from their suppliers and manufacturers is an expected aspect of their forthcoming showcases.

Official Logistics Partner to CPHFW, Kuehne+Nagel, is offering advice for brands on how to optimize the process of getting their collections from A to B in the most efficient way. Supporting across all aspects from supplier booking, timing and delivery management, supplier assistance, and advice, the partnership underlines the importance of collaboration across all areas of the supply chain for brands and businesses.

Below is a further explanation of the areas that Kuehne+Nagel can support across.

1. Supplier contact and booking:
A booking created and sent to the selected freight forwarder within the agreed booking frame ensures a smooth departure from the origin

2. Proper time for handover from origin to freight forwarder:
The supplier is responsible for on-time handover and ensuring departure on time from the origin. If the supplier experiences challenges with meeting the agreed-upon time for the handover, a heads-up to the selected freight forwarder or Kuehne+Nagel will be beneficial to ensure great dialogue with the supplier, monitoring, and that alternative sailings can be set up if needed.

3. Supplier assistance:
The chosen freight forwarder or Kuehne+Nagel can assist with the communication to the supplier - share any challenges with the freight forwarder for best support.

4. Advice:
During peak season, sharing the needs or best practices of the brand to the freight forwarder is extremely important - the better communication, the better chances of ensuring the collections arrive on time and remedying challenges with the supplier before the handover to the freight forwarder takes place.