CPHFW continues partnership with Ukrainian Fashion Week

Copenhagen fashion week tg botanical backstage cover

Copenhagen Fashion Week and Ukrainian Fashion Week continues partnership focused on uplifting a fellow fashion organisation in times of war.

Copenhagen Fashion Week and Ukrainian Fashion Week are proud to partner once again for the AW23 edition, spotlighting incredible and resilient Ukrainian talent.

Together with CIFF, a dedicated CPHFW x CIFF x Ukrainian Fashion Week trade showroom will present the collections of T.Mosca and RDNT. Furthermore, for the forthcoming edition TG Botanical will present on the official schedule as a Zalando Sustainability Award finalist and CPHFW will host Vogue Ukraine as part of our guest program.

Show schedule

TG Botanical
Ukrainian designer Tatyana Chumak created TG Botanical after undergoing a creative rebirth during the pandemic. Inspired by her family in farming she emerged back with TG Botanical, locally produced clothing in Kyiv, environmentally friendly.
The collections draw inspiration from nature, presenting delightful earthy-toned pieces into which their production processes uses experimental techniques for dyeing fabrics with plant pigments obtained from tansy flowers, acorns, onion husks and coffee beans. TG Botanical displays a balance between the natural scenery and the use of new technologies. In addition to a conscious approach to production and packaging, the team is comprised of 30 talented women who's tenacity and dedication reflects in the brand.

Watch TG Botanical live on our website 02 February 11:00 – 11:30 CET.

CIFF Trade Showrooms

Means radiant. Radiant with joy, happiness, and harmony with nature. Find your inner self in the collection "Aura". Hoodies, bodysuits, pants, and T-shirts made with love & recycled plastic.

is a Ukrainian brand specialized in knitwear. Using the highest quality materials such as cotton, wool and mohair, they offer their own perspective on knitwear. Working with feminine silhouettes, unexpected elements and cuts, they create timeless designs and their goal is to make customers feel comfortable no matter the occasion. In the new collection, the designers wanted to emphasize the festivity of pieces the brand is famous for. Because you have to make a holiday out of every day you live!

CPHFW stands with Ukraine and hopes to continue to build stronger bridges between both organisations in order to support the its industry to continue to grow and flourish in times of crisis.