CPHFW Introduces the Official Show & Presentation Schedule

AW24 Copenhagen Fashion Week Nicklas Skovgaard Runway 2x3 James Cochrane 45

Copenhagen Fashion Week announces the show schedule will now be the official show & presentation schedule.

From the SS25 edition onwards, Copenhagen Fashion Week will be incorporating runway shows and presentations as two formats that will encompass the official show and presentation schedule. This merge will allow for a more expressive offering towards formats, partaking brands and reflect the evolving creative landscape of the Nordic fashion industry and enunciate Copenhagen Fashion Week's position as one of the leading fashion weeks globally.

There will be a set number of presentation slots across the show slots, with the presentation slots allocated a 2 hour time slot. This 2 hour time slot will allow for guests to attend presentations in between the shows.

To apply for a presentation or show on the official show & presentation schedule, brands must apply through the official application form.

For further clarification on the two formats, please refer to show & presentation schedule information page.