Copenhagen Fahion Week Deadwood brand image

Deadwood is a force for good in an uncertain world.


The Stockholm based brand was founded in 2012 by Carl Ollson and Felix von Bahder - two friends sharing a vision of challenging the status quo. The core idea was simple; Garments and accessories made from materials that otherwise would have gone to waste. Pioneering the use of upcycled leather and vegan cactus leather, continuously experimenting with new material compositions, and always encouraging carefully considered clothing – Deadwood is preparing for an unexpected tomorrow.


A decade ago Deadwood set out on a journey to build a slowevolving collection where interesting uses of materials would always be central. From first reworking vintage garments Deadwood went on to offer a range of products from upcycled waste leather. In 2020 a vegan line was launched made from cactus leather, and since then Deadwood has introduced a number of innovative materials such as fleece, aluminum and cotton jersey all made from recycled waste. For FW23 the brand will widen its horizons further with the injection of a denim line consisting of unisex styles with a contemporary design and fit, all made from deadstock and recycled materials.