Annual Sustainability Report

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Copenhagen Fashion Week publishes Annual Sustainability Report 2021

Progress on the second year of Copenhagen Fashion Week’s 2020-2022 Sustainability Action Plan

The Annual Sustainability Report marks a status update on the second year of Copenhagen Fashion Week's 2020-2022 Sustainability Action Plan, that sets out to incur far-reaching and long-term change within the fashion industry.

"The progress made during the second year of our Sustainability Action Plan shows the potential of our strategy and three-year targets to inspire and push fashion companies to embrace more responsible business practices. We strongly believe that the new Nordic partnerships we entered around the 2023 Sustainability Requirements set a major milestone that fosters stronger industry alignment and we're very excited to seek out new partnerships internationally during this coming year", says Cecilie Thorsmark, CEO, Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Significant milestones

Some of the most significant Year 2 milestones were:

  • A major milestone for Copenhagen Fashion Week were the new partnerships around the 2023 Sustainability Requirements as we are certain that most meaningful impacts lie within the collaborations we build for wider industry alignment. In 2021, Copenhagen Fashion Week commenced partnerships with the trade fair CIFF (Copenhagen International Fashion Fair), the Norwegian Fashion Hub, Oslo Runway and the Icelandic Fashion Council who will all be implementing the 2023 Sustainability Requirements. In concrete terms this means that as of 2023, an estimated 1.600 brands will be working with the requirements.
  • Another milestone was the selection of the requirements by the government-funded programme (Grøn Genstart) Fremtidens Tekstiler as the framework to train 50 SMEs in the Danish industry to lead to targeted action. In close collaboration with Lifestyle & Design Cluster, brands and consultancies worked together to further their sustainability agendas.
  • Finally, Copenhagen Fashion Week ensured to deliver on most targets we set for ourselves with 19 out of 21 targets reached (two of these in process, one target postponed and one target not reached).

Looking ahead

While we're working on implementing and executing our targets from our first Action Plan, the upcoming year already requires that we look even further ahead, into 2023-2025, setting new targets and refining our strategy for the years to come. Another major focus will be to continue pursuing international partnerships to amplify the impact of the 2023 Sustainability Requirements and drive change in the industry at a global scale.

The full report is available to read here.

Contact Information

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