The Royal Danish Academy

Cengiz Güdücü Feauture picture

From The Royal Danish Academy, 17 emerging design talents present their graduate collections as part of the SS22 Copenhagen Fashion Week.


The Class of 2021 have throughout their education acquired unique design identities that merge traditional fashion practices with highly artistic and academic skillsets.

The graduate projects take on a wide range of both sustainable and sociopolitical challenges in contemporary society. Each project dives into its own unique perspective on clothes as a mediator of change and storytelling.

Going through a time where the world has been subject to change, the collections reflect individual thoughts on what the future of fashion will look like. Themes surrounding the body, sexuality, identity, and art reveal the designers’ collective celebration of fashion as an important cultural force in our society.


Each graduate collection offers its own unique approach to sustainable fashion solutions. The Class of 2021 has worked widely with e.g. upcycling, minimizing material waste, use of deadstock textiles, innovative material production, digital prototyping, etc.

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