TG Botanical

Copenhagen Fashion Week TG Botanical AW23 Brand Image

TG Botanical – a clothing line for which technology and nature are in tune


Ukrainian designer Tatyana Chumak created TG Botanical after undergoing a creative rebirth during the pandemic. Inspired by her family in farming she emerged back with TG Botanical, locally produced clothing in Kyiv, environmentally friendly.

The collections draw inspiration from nature, presenting delightful earthy-toned pieces into which their production processes uses experimental techniques for dyeing fabrics with plant pigments obtained from tansy flowers, acorns, onion husks and coffee beans.

TG Botanical displays a balance between the natural scenery and the use of new technologies.

In addition to a conscious approach to production and packaging, the team is comprised of 30 talented women who's tenacity and dedication reflects in the brand.


Tatyana, the designer of TG Botanical, comes from a family involved in farming which has enabled her to research technologies for the production of fabrics from nettle, flax, and hemp.

TG Botanical is involved in all the steps of the production process, from sprouts on Ukrainian soil to delivery into the hands of the customer. To do so, the brand has planted fields from which they source to produce eco-friendly fabrics.

They have also partnered with the Ukrainian startup RE-leaf to produce their packaging from recycled leaf litter.