Rolf Ekroth

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Rolf Ekroth is a sustainable fashion brand that creates gender neutral clothing designed to fit various body types, promoting inclusivity while reducing waste.


Rolf Ekroth, the Finnish-Swedish designer has one of fashion’s most unusual backstories. While most of his friends opted to study business after high school, this contrarian decided to show them up by studying social work. A few years in, Ekroth realized the field wasn’t for him. He segued into sales and by 2004 when online poker hit Finland it became his obsession. After struggling with poker for a few years he figured out that his emotional nature wasn’t really suited to the game and he managed to quit. After taking a few months off, he was once again adrift when out of the blue a friend who had noted Ekroth’s interest in clothing, suggested Ekroth try fashion. And he did. Since graduating from Helsinki’s Aalto University in 2015, Ekroth has done several collaborative projects, was a finalist at the Hyères Festival, and won the Designers’ Nest competition. He relaunched his namesake label independently in 2020 during the pandemic.

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