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The Danish fashion brand Rabens Saloner was founded in 2007 by Birgitte Raben, inspired by people, nature, and cultures from all over the world.

About Rabens Saloner

Rabens Saloner is an exclusive ever-developing Danish fashion brand for women, founded by Designer & Creative Director Birgitte Raben.

Established in 2007, Rabens Saloner originally presented a collection consisting mainly of cotton pieces that gave a sense of relaxed and bohemian luxury. Today the collections offer a full range of styles that reflect the wide diversity of womens lives - from downtown urban chic and cool working wardrobes to Balinese tie-dyes and sophisticated party wear.

Birgitte Raben is an adventurer who loves to travel and get inspired by people, nature and cultures from all over the world. She lives half of the year in Bali where she develops and prints, colours and materials in close cooperation with the local artisans with whom she has built strong relationships.

Rabens tie-dye colour atelier, Bali

It’s probably true that nothing quite demonstrates the Rabens Saloner aesthetic more than their use of natural dying techniques. Visually the rich colours and unique designs typify a mix of relaxed living, individuality, and modernity but, just as importantly, the dyeing process underlines the company’s respectful but innovative approach to traditional craft, handwork and experience.

At the heart of the process is Rabens Saloner’s creative director, Birgitte Raben. Mediating between Western thinking and Eastern expertise, she builds on over a decade of close relationships with dyers in Bali where the company has a dye house devoted entirely to their production. Trial and error are an intrinsic part of the creative process - mistakes being as important as successes when they lead to new discoveries and changes of direction. Even the environment can play a part as colours take on different characters depending on whether they are dried in the sun, on the grass or simply in the tropical breeze that runs through the buildings.

Read more about Rabens Saloner’s dedication to sustainability.

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