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Founded in 2007 by Creative Director Birgitte Raben, Rabens Saloner has become synonymous with contemporary, languid elegance dipped in swirls and splashes of colour.


The Danish fashion brand Rabens Saloner was founded in 2007 by Birgitte Raben, inspired by people, nature, and cultures from all over the world.

With tie-dye and the use of original dyeing techniques being the heart of the brand, Rabens Saloner proudly creates all tie-dye by hand in our own dye house in Bali. Birgitte devotedly curates colours and patterns for each piece in close cooperation with the dye master, cooperation that goes way back. The one-of-a-kind nature of each product is a huge part of the brand's aesthetics.

Strong relationships and mutual respect are key, and the philosophy of Rabens Saloner is deeply rooted in social and environmental values with the well-being of people and the planet being in focus throughout the value chain.


It is important for Rabens Saloner to take care of people, the environment, and society by being a responsible company. An important part of our leadership is therefore based on the triple bottom line. By that, we make sure to balance financial, social, and environmental concerns for the whole value chain. We support #rewiringfashion and act according to it.

We want to hand the planet over to the next generation in a solid way. We must reduce the resource use and invest in a green change - also digitally. As many styles as possible must be made from certificated fabrics and we must minimize the use of mixed fabrics. We are aiming at developing styles with a long lifetime. We are producing according to orders sold and do of course not destroy unsold clothes – we donate it to charity.

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