Copenhagen Fashion Week Opera SPORT AW23 Brand Image

OpéraSport was established in Copenhagen by Stephanie Gundelach, consultant and stylist, and Awa Malina Stelter whose knowledge from the areas of design and production adds to the advantage points.


Set apart from the masses, OpéraSport lives and breathes in a distant zone, bridging between Copenhagen and Paris. Sustainability is an integral part of OpéraSport; still, the main intention remains to ensure relevance and timelessness throughout.

As opposed to seasons, OpéraSport operates with edition releases as a means to limit excess. The implementation of editions emphasises on quality rather than quantity; through the release of smaller seasonal drops, the production volume continuously reflects the demand.


At OpéraSPORT we try to minimize our footprint on the global CO2 emissions by producing in the most responsible ways. From the very first collection all fabrics besides cotton have been created from industrial waste. This includes both silk, wool, polyester, and cotton. If our cotton is not also recycled it is organic and GOTS certified.All our collections are made to order, which means that we only produce the quantities our customers have ordered and what we believe our webshop can generate. Therefore, no access stock will be produced to minimize overproduction.It is essential for us that our factories also take social responsibility. Consequently, we only work with factories that are GOTS, BSCI and WRAP certified to secure fair wages and requirements to its employees.

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