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Munthe is an international brand for women, established back in 1994 and based in Copenhagen.


Munthe wants to promote a more considered approach to fashion - and would like to demand that customers actually appreciate the energy that is put into each individual style and collection. With a penchant for the unique details and well-executed creative ideas, Munthe has become synonymous with clothing created to be worn and loved in both casual and festive situations.

The brand's signature style is the cool, casual, Scandinavian girls. A universe where especially art, but also nature, architecture and music meet design and where several trends are creatively cultivated at a time.

Feminine suits, beautiful silhouette dresses, artistic hand-painted prints and a constant innovation in finding the best and most sustainable materials characterize the brand.


Sustainability thinking and social responsibility is a natural part of everything we do. The first step towards a conscious, sustainable and responsible fashion choice is taken by our designers, at the drawing board. Choosing the most sustainable fabrics, suppliers and the most considerate means of transportation has a real impact on the environment and the people we work with, across our value chain.

At Munthe, we are committed to playing our part in meeting the global challenge of climate change, operating as a socially and environmentally responsible business.

Read more about Munthe's dedication to sustainability.

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