Copenhagen Fashion Week Munthe AW23 Brand Image

Munthe is a women’s luxury ready-to-wear label established in 1994 and based in Copenhagen.


The brand’s signature style represents the carefree attitude of the cool, casual Scandinavian woman. Beautiful suits that are strong but not unfeminine, floaty silhouette dresses, artistic hand-painted prints and a constant innovation in fabrics.

Munthe’s design is best known for its artistic hand-painted print, feminine silhouettes combined with contrasting characteristics, which are shown through six annual collections. With a predilection to unique details and well-executed ideas, Munthe has become synonymous with clothing that is made to be worn and loved in both relaxed and festive situations.

One of Munthe’s greatest strengths is their authenticity and truth as a brand, influenced by sustainability, art and female empowerment. That’s something that they really hold very central and are very disciplined about.


A major part of Munthe’s sustainability ambition is geared towards the design and production of their products. Munthe continually improve their sustainability performance by being conscious of selecting sustainable materials and production processes and following up with the suppliers.

Munthe want you to be proud of the products, their quality and how they are made - and think that they should maintain a critical sourcing, seeking to make gradual progress to choose more sustainable fabrics.

The sustainability requirements are an integrated part of the business strategy. It is composed of the Munthe policy framework; CSR strategy, Code of Conduct, preferred material list, animal welfare – and a climate, travel, packaging, wrapping & purchase policy.

Beyond the compliance obligations they have set up for themselves, they are committed to meet the binding requirements between Munthe and all relevant people involved.

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