Fashion Revolution Week 2023

Copenhagen Fashion Week Fashion Revolution 2023

Support and take action this Fashion Revolution Week 2023

This week (22-29 April) marks Fashion Revolution Week. As we enter seven days of activism, Copenhagen Fashion Week urge our community to join the Good Clothes Fair Pay campaign to protect the right to fair pay in the global fashion industry.

The majority of workers in global garment, textile and footwear supply chains, most of whom are women, are not paid a living wage that would enable them to afford a decent standard of living. Despite efforts by industry stakeholders and commitments by progressive companies, the industry overall has not made progress on the issue of living wages. Recognising the clear need for legislation on this issue, Good Clothes Fair Pay mobilises a European Citizens Initiative (ECI) for legislation to support living wages in the global garment, footwear and textile industry.

The Good Clothes Fair Pay campaign needs 1 million signatures from EU citizens to push for legislation that requires companies to conduct living wage due diligence in their supply chains.

Read more about the campaign on the Good Clothes Fair Pay website.

This is how you can support and take action

Sign with your name.
This ECI is open to all EU citizens, even if you currently live outside the EU.

Share the campaign

For brands in our CPHFW community, use your influence and responsibility as a fashion brand to support and share the Good Clothes Fair Pay campaign to help us reach the 1 million EU signatures we need.

  • Share this link internally to collect signatures from your team
  • Join the campaign’s call to action for brands: repost from @goodclothesfairpay and/or campaign material here.