Berner Kühl

Berner kuhl

Berner Kühl is a Danish menswear brand, started by designer Frederik Berner Kühl. The Polimoda alumni will do his first ever show at CPHFW SS22.


Frederik Berner Kühl started the brand with a desire to educate the next generation of consumers on a good product. Holding a Master’s degree in Creative Direction from Italian fashion school Polimoda, he also gained experience working for Danish fashion brands NN.07 and Norse Projects. Lastly, he was head of the men’s design at Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen.

Berner Kühl wants to redefine the codes and connotations connected to a fashion industry that is in constant change, and not always for the better. To show people what fashion used to be able to, utilising all the technology we have available today.

The brand is built on the examination of concepts such as utility, nature, and the serene - expressing a sense of emotion, without being dramatic. With an aim to create an aspirational package around a product that in itself should be able to stand alone.

Without the clutter; without all of the noise.


In these times, sustainability is an ambiguous concept. As a clothing brand, it is difficult and problematic to proclaim sustainability, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do our utmost to do the least harm possible. A must is to try to be mindful of one's practices and create in the most responsible way you can.

Read more about Berner Kühl's dedication to sustainability.

  • SS22 Runway

  • SS22 Runway

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