Unique sound system in the new Volvo XC40



The new Volvo XC40 contains a unique sound system providing a top quality listening experience.

Sound system to fill your chest

What’s the first thing you seek after getting into a car? Many would say music, whether from the radio or their own collection. The new VOLVO XC40 contains a unique sound system that provides a top-quality listening experience which not only pleases the ears, but is convenient to use. The new system, created by the renowned audio brand Harman Kardon Premium Sound, provides a detailed and rich sound, bolstered by a unique, ventilated subwoofer that adds serious depth to the bass.

According to the developer of the system, sound engineer Vito De Finzo, the crucial objective has been to combine user-friendliness with fantastic sound.

“The system simulates the experience of having a sound engineer seated beside you, continuously adjusting the sound for an optimal, disturbance-free experience.”

Beyond the hardware quality, it has never been easier to connect and listen to all kinds of music. Through the sound system, you can listen to music from your own phone by connecting it via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. You can also browse Spotify on the nine-inch touchscreen, and even charge your phone on the wireless charger mat.

The goal of the sound system in the new VOLVO XC40 is to fill your chest and electrify your senses, recreating that perfect concert experience.