The chatroom: Corali

We met Caroline Sillesen the founder behind Corali for a chat about how it was to present jewelery on a runway, and what the CFW Talent Scene has meant to the brand.


How was it to be a part of Copenhagen Fashion Weeks New Talent Scene?
The Corali show was a bit standing out at The New Talent Scene with Mai Svanhvit and Heliot Emil, since Corali is a jewelry brand. It was a great challenge to work with such tiny pieces and make a whole show only about them. How to take the universe and concept of Corali and transform it into simple clothing for the models, making a music piece that sounds like Corali, making special show pieces etc. It expanded the universe of Corali, and forced me to think about sides of the brand I’ve never thought of before.
What has happend since the show?
There’s been a rising interest for the jewelry. Both in a bigger scale when international magazines have reached out, as well as small scale in the form of more followers on Instagram. Both things are important! Also, there’s been a huge request for the show pieces, so they will soon be available on our webshop in a very limited edition – only 25 pairs in total.
What’s your best advice to the new designers who is going to be a part of the New Talent Scene AW18?
Take it as a platform for experimentation and an opportunity to expand your knowledge of your brand. Get to the corners of its concept and commit yourself to know even more of the world you’re creating.
What is the future for Corali?  
Well, Corali is only 4 months old, so I think it’s only fair to give it time and space to grow organically. To observe how Corali shapes and evolves naturally for a bit, without too much interferring. I don’t want to push it. Meanwhile, I will start focusing on expanding the jewelry collection.