Fashion anecdote: Ditte Reffstrup

Ditte Reffstrup is the women behind the galaxy-conque ring brand Ganni, which epitomizes the contemporary Danish it-girl look. But despite being well-known in the fashion industry, she is not always a familiar face to private security guards not even in her own home an anecdote she relays here.

Fashion anecdote: Melanie Buchhave

Stylist Melanie Buchhave has a long-term love affair with the fashion industry, adding her magic to editorials and campaigns. But, we all started somewhere, and when Melanie began her career a long time ago, she would say yes to anything to get a job.

Fashion anecdote: Noam Griegst

Noam Griegst is an acclaimed fashion photographer and director as well as creative director in the family-owned jewellery company, Griegst Jewelry. Here he takes us a couple of years back, to a time in China when his acting skills were put to the test in an attempt to convince a bossy agent to give him an extra day of shooting with a Chinese mega-star.