Neighbourhood shop

In a beautiful pastel room I am to meet up with handsome British designer Paul Smith. He strides into the &Tradition room in a perfectly fitted suit, with a big smile, for good reason. Once again he’s opening a store in Denmark, this time in the center of Copenhagen.

When two become one

Every day, awareness about second-hand shopping and sustainability is increasing – both when it comes to big companies and end-consumers. That’s why second-hand platform Tradono is determined to make the second-hand experience easier every step of the way for customers.

Saks Potts: For all kinds of princesses

As a critic, it is not politically correct to write this sort of thing. But here goes. I love Saks Potts. These two young women, Barbara Potts and Catherine Saks, have exceptional talent, guts, and courage — qualities propelling their design to a worldwide platform.

HALO: Fitness finesse

The sports brand HALO strikes again. Sportswear has never been hotter or more wearable, whether worn for Sunday chill or extreme races, and for either purpose HALO is among the hottest brands to be seen in at the moment.

Munthe: Democratic luxury

How can you top a fab collection like Naja Munthe’s autumn 2019, out later this month, when we all shall want its emerald green satin trousers and coat, the black trousers lined with contrasting gallons, and the coat in shiny green flowered patterned damask?

Fashion anecdote: Ditte Reffstrup

Ditte Reffstrup is the women behind the galaxy-conque ring brand Ganni, which epitomizes the contemporary Danish it-girl look. But despite being well-known in the fashion industry, she is not always a familiar face to private security guards not even in her own home an anecdote she relays here.

Fashion anecdote: Melanie Buchhave

Stylist Melanie Buchhave has a long-term love affair with the fashion industry, adding her magic to editorials and campaigns. But, we all started somewhere, and when Melanie began her career a long time ago, she would say yes to anything to get a job.

Copenhagen Guide: H15

Behind Copenhagen Central Station you will find a new open-to-public building seeking to lift up this most shady part of the city, which holds the dubious honour of having Northern Europe’s greatest concentration of drug addicts.