Swedish HOPE debuts at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Passionate about diversity, creativity and self expression, HOPE works under the ethos that ‘style comes before gender’ and that there is no reason why anyone today should feel limited by outdated fashion conventions. Their bold individualism has inspired their upcoming presentation and we are excited to see what their SS20 collection has to offer. 

Frida Bard, Creative director for HOPE, states:
“We’re always about finding the perfect balance between references from tailoring and utility. For SS20, we feel strongly about a spiritual, transcendent mood and merging that into a soft, sensual look. We work with a gender-fluid approach from start to finish and with diversity in strong focus. We are excited to finally present all of this from our universe to guests here in Copenhagen.”

HOPE’s presentation takes place from 09.30-11.30 at Axel Towers
By invitation only.

Read more about HOPE and see the full official SS20 schedule.