Columnist Suzi Christoffersen is founder and owner of Closed Loop, a consultancy company guiding and supporting fashion companies in the implementation of sustainable development strategies. One of Closed Loop’s main focuses is textiles and the company recently took over The Fabric Source, a sustainable textile library.

The fashion industry activates many, many people both workers and consumers. It’s an industry spending an enormous amount of resources to meet the demand for textile products. However, we’ve reached a point where resources are running out and where our environment suffers from fashion production to an extent that is no longer responsible.

Fashion brands, suppliers and consumers are becoming aware of the challenges the industry faces. New innovative and sustainable products and processes are being developed and the industry has started taking responsibility. Not only does the environment benefit from the increasing focus on sustainability, it is just as well an asset to companies. The world’s biggest companies are fighting to take lead on the sustainability agenda, and studies show that strong CSR-profiles attract and retain highly qualified employees. In competitive industries it’ll very much profit responsible companies and put them ahead of their competitors.

Fabric innovation, recycling systems, different consumer habits and brands are all pushing fashion towards a more sustainable – and conscious! – future. It’s so important that everyone plays a part and knows there’s something they can do. We all have a responsibility to conserve the planet’s resources and build a more ethical fashion industry.

Sustainability is the buzzword of today and tomorrow – but hopefully redundant in the future.