Sustainable brand BLANCHE opens Copenhagen Fashion Week

With Copenhagen Fashion Week SS20 just days away, we are counting down to the official season kickoff by sustainable Danish womenswear brand BLANCHE.

Officially opening Copenhagen Fashion Week SS20, on the terrace of the beautiful and historical Lake Pavilion, is the Danish sustainable brand BLANCHE. With an ambition to influence a more sustainable approach to fashion, BLANCHE encourage awareness and transparency of the entire supply chain, with both social and environmental aspects in mind. Their collections embody both a contemporary and timeless approach to design, rooted in a desire and vision to create something that lasts beyond the seasons. Because for BLANCHE, fashion and politics go hand in hand.

Their SS20 collection, as described by Mette Fredin Christensen, Creative Director at BLANCHE, is an ode to the female — female intelligence, female power, female passion. These are the key features that define the collection, and what sets the mood for the SS20 opening show. The balcony will be decorated with local organic flowers and the models will be styled with braided hair that holds strong references to Greta Thunberg — the young climate activist. This is to remind us of the true power, intelligence and passion that is not only female, but measured in how we all behave and act now and in the future.

“With this show we want to once again embrace the diversity of women of today. The show seeks to echo the diversity of the female character, allowing different ages, shapes, and personalities to shine through and at once be both strong and vulnerable,” states Mette Fredin Christensen, Creative Director at BLANCHE

The BLANCHE show will officially open Copenhagen Fashion Week SS20 on Tuesday, 6 August at 9.00 am.

See the full official SS20 schedule here.
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