Superb without pretension – Astrid Andersen

Words Pernille Hammershøj

For A/W 18, Astrid Andersen found strength in Buffalo-era London. An 80s collective of mavericks, Buffalo was made up of photographers, designers, and artists. According to, it provoked a transformation of the way that society absorbed fashion, with a pioneering style that became one of the most influential of the decade.

And Astrid Andersen managed to take the inspiration as far as she could. Georgia Howerth, daughter of a leading photographer of the era, was part of the model cast. Inspiration came from the streets, as Astrid Andersen is a designer who takes pride in the real. But the designer certainly also knows how to be exclusive. For some seasons now, she has collaborated with Saga Furs, which for the A/W 18 women’s collection resulted in long fur coats and furry details. Meanwhile, lace and silk jacquards were made with the French company Sophie Halette, known for their great tradition of manufacturing lace in a superb quality.

Putting order and convention aside was an ongoing theme of the collection. Classic materials like tweed combined with stripes from the world of sports, while different combinations of tartans made a graphic statement. Hats inspired by cowboy aesthetics imbued the styling with a healthy dose of humor.

Astrid Andersen captures an international vibe that goes beyond borders and national design conventions. Although she finds her inspiration in London, it’s a pleasure to experience her collections on Danish ground.

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