Stormy northern lights – Holzweiler

Words Sille Ugelvig

For the second time, the Norwegian family-owned brand Holzweiler presented its collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week today. This year’s show was inspired by the native people of Norway’s polar areas, and in particular, their way of coping with extreme weather conditions. With rain splashing down on the roof and gust sounds from the DJ, Holzweiler created a storm in the middle of the scene. The show was beautifully made in collaboration with photographer Vilde Rolfson, whose pictures inspired the design team in an alluring color palette reminiscent of northern lights, combined with tartans and modern prints.

Wool blends, scarfs, silk-wrap skirts, velvet, and skin jackets set the tone for a show that felt dreamy yet serious, feminine yet masculine. The brand’s passion and desire for sustainability was evident, in combination with wearable styles of high quality.

Like every other storm, this show started off and ended a bit chaotic, due the weather conditions and misunderstandings of the crowd. There is no doubt that the brand’s wish for expansion is achievable after this show, Holzweiler having stated its position firmly in the industry.