Sportswear for the everyday – Halo

Words Pernille Hammershøj

To many people, contemporary clothing equals sportswear. Sport and training have become an integrated part of everyday life. Hence to some there is no need to distinguish between work-out garments and office clothes.

That is just how the contemporary sports and clothing brand Halo thinks. After its show, CFW Daily had the chance to talk to co-founder Malkit Singh: “I want to make clothes that I like wearing myself. Training and sports are integrated parts of my life, and therefore working with sportswear seems natural to me,” he said.

HALO is short for “High Altitudes with Low Openings.” The label was founded as a tribute to a former Danish soldier who served the Danish Army Special Forces and founded the line “Newline” to make functional and wearable clothes to the Danish army. And “functional” is key to Halo’s legacy. Malkit Singh told The Daily that the clothes should be comfortable no matter what happens during a day at the Danish barracks.

To HALO, there is no need to distinguish between male and female styles. The clothes are made to be comfortable and wearable, and that gives them an androgynous feel. Slim t-shirts, sneakers, and rain coats from the label Rains were styled with layers of tights in different tech-materials. Shorts assured a “dressed” look. Finally, to Malkit, tights should be part of the female uniform:

“You know girls wear tights when shopping, or on a Sunday. And that is the vibe of comfortable sportswear I want to capture.”

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