The Garment

The garment aw21 lookbook 1

The Garment SS22 is created with awareness and respect for the environment. The collection is inspired by the versatile mind, fleeting back and forth from city and nature.

The Garment SS22 will be showcased digitally with a physical presentation in Garment The Movie, with the idea to create a time gap of no-mind.

Garment The Movie

Don’t we all search for something? We want to get along with with what we know best, but many times have forgotten. In a crowded place she longs for a lonesome but warming place. In search for sense, she astray to a secluded place and when surrendering to her true self, which she has been blinded to for so long, she realizes the true beauty of joy of: The sound of the whistling of the trees, the scent of her soap, movement of her hands and the warmth of the sun. 

Because only when we are surrendering to our true nature, we are able to pay attention to every little detail. The true beauty and colors of the wind will unfold and reveal itself.

- Sophia Roe

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