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Schnayderman’s will present a fictional fashion show. We get to know three characters stuck in between the past and the future, reminiscing about what life could be if released from the loop of “now”.

The past year we saw a shift. Transitions became near impossible and our brave new world of constant change appeared to come to a halt. The focus shifted from appreance to self-development and reflection.

The SS22-collection “In-Transit” is a reflection on the past, present and future. An exploration of “now” in relation to where we’ve been and where we’re going. The collection features artworks by renowned Swedish artist Marcus Mårtenson, who’s known to call out our own thought patterns and how we judge our surroundings to mind. The fabric and textures reminds us of a life in motion with washed out colors, airy silhouettes and sun faded hues.

This year Schnayderman’s will present their collection with fictional fashion show. The short film features three characters stranded at a post waiting to be able to return to civilization. They reflect on the past, present and future as they bide their time in the barren borderland.

Schnayderman’s creates collections for the Weird and the Wonderful. The thoughtful designs envisions a world where the Weird and the Wonderful are not only necessary, but celebrated.

It is the Weird and the Wonderful who drive things forward with new ideas for how to consider not only the world, but ourselves. You decide who you are, and nowhere else is this more fitting than among the Weird and the Wonderful. They question the norm, simply by being themselves.

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