Rabens Saloner

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Rabens Saloner to present their SS22 collection

For the Spring 2022 collection, Rabens Saloner is feeling reflective! Fascinated by the way silver mirrors colour and inspired by the multidisciplinary work of artists Gioele Amaro and Olafur Eliasson, where light is manipulated and visual certainty is subverted, Rabens has designed a collection that plays with colour, texture and fabric. Metallics, transparency and lightness - both in terms of weight and radiance - work together to create a wardrobe that is relaxed, fun and utterly beautiful.

The Rabens Saloner Spring 2022 Runway Show will take place by the water at Rosforth & Rosforth (Under the Bridge) in central Copenhagen. The location reflects Rabens Saloner; both as an inspiration for the collection, and as a local gem close to the heart of the brand with its ease and coolness.

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