FW21 MUNTHE schedule

MUNTHE is showcasing their SS22 collection designed around the theme of “beloved keepers”. The show will be presented in a digital format with a playful take on the classic and beloved runway show.

The SPRING SUMMER 22 collection is designed around the theme of “beloved keepers” based on the inspiration from the styles that we ourselves want to wear. It is all about the fresh and beautiful silhouettes, effortless denim, stunning prints, and the exquisite balance of each detail, such as the height of the waist, the fringe details, the neck labels adorned with our custom designed flower print, and the fit - the excellent tailoring is the detail that grabs the eye.

And of course, no look is complete without a carefully curated selection of colors. Lavender and purple, different kinds of blue, dusty rose, and caramel - will pull your entire look together, on rotation season after season. Favorite styles aren’t only known for their beauty. They really should be comfortable as well. These styles are meant to become staples that will last for years to come. If you don’t feel comfortable in something, you’re never going to reach for it. The key to building an environmentally conscious closet lies in investing in the more timeless styles, but the secret to keeping it fresh is by combining them in new and unexpected ways.

“How do you define a favorite? There are favorite films, favorite works of art, favorite cars, literary favorites, and of course: favorite clothes. What does it mean to embrace a favorite style? By definition, a favorite is an outstanding example of a style, something of lasting worth or timeless in nature. And there’s one key element that holds true for any type of favorite, whether it’s fashion, films, or books; the value that item holds for you. Something that you can return to again and again. Something you can keep for years, even decades because it will last. Thinking about the longevity of the clothing you own, not only is a way to have a more sustainable approach to fashion but will also help you carve out a style that is eternal and feels truly you.”

– Naja Munthe, Founder and Director.

For the SPRING SUMMER 22 runway show we wanted to give the classic runway show – that we adore! – a little twist. The twist was inspired by the iconic aesthetics of the classic 90’s music videos we grew up watching - entertaining, playful, and a little weird. We wanted the vibrant clothes to take the center stage, so we kept the frame and setting clean, while our gorgeous campaign models played around and had fun with the clothes and poses, all the stuff you don’t normally do for a runway show..

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