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Mark Kenly Domino Tan Spring Summer 2022

For this Spring Summer 2022 collection Mark Kenly Domino Tan works within his minimalist framework, pushing new cuts, and trying out unique materials. Mark Kenly Domino Tan is anything but ostentatious, and the aim is to make clothes that the beholder must truly behold to see the beauty and precision in.

In the recent year, we have all been reflecting and daydreaming a lot, which is echoed in the collection. Acting as a postcard from the past, the collection sums up memories from Mark Kenly Domino Tan’s personal wanderlust. Trips to Morocco and South Africa- the sweet scent of spices, the busy- and at the same time magical atmosphere in the souk and the cool and breezy nights in the African desert, have all been an inspiration for the collection.

The design team has focused on what is common between the man and the woman, then adding more specifically women’s volumes and more specific men’s volumes. The clothes are made to move, with different textures that enclose the body in a gentle caress.

Focusing on quality fabrics, the collection includes linen, silk, cotton mousseline, poplin and wool.

“The design process of every collection always begins with having the material in my hands: For me, it’s all about the hand-feel, the fabrics and how the fabric can be translated into the current season that we’re working on.”
– Mark Kenly Domino Tan

The palette is natural and earthy: white, ivory, beige, khaki, burnt orange and brown.

With a poetic, breezy and nostalgic vibe, the Spring Summer 2022 collection aims to awaken our senses.

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