Louise Lyngh Bjerregaard

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Paris-based LOUISE LYNGH BJERREGAARD will return to Copenhagen this season to showcase the Autumn / Winter 2021/2022 debut-collection in a digital format with a physical attendance by invitation only.

The Autumn / Winter 2021/2022 debut-collection is an intriguing hybrid of dark romanticism and
sophistication. Constantly and playfully crossing lines between ready-to-wear and couture the
collection has been build on explorations of the mind and this translates poetically throughout the
universe of each garment. Although it is a debut-collection a wide range of artisanal savoir-faire
techniques are explored; deconstruction, draping, trompe l'oeil, upcycling, fabric manipulations,
tailoring and extraordinary knitwear. Some of the fabrics as well as all garments have been made
in the atelier by hand.

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