Helmstedt 03 AW21

Wavy blue oceans, Sunny sandy beaches, And blooming flower fields.

We lay offshore and let our minds drift away to the land of yet another sunny summer holiday at home.

With the past year being rather turbulent and different from what we know, some of the things we learned is to look at our surroundings differently and more carefully. We learned to value the beauty of home - and all the little things that we have right in front of us.

It’s the waves of the ocean and the shoals of fish. It’s the crabs snuggled up in the sand and the wriggle of a shrimp between the seaweed, that has inspired HELMSTEDT’s spring/summer collection, OHØJ 2022.

With this collection, HELMSTEDT wishes to engage all of us to keep finding beauty and positivity in even the smallest and most common things we find at home.

Being a part of the fashion industry comes with a lot of responsibility and our care for the environment has always been a high priority - and this year is no different.

As an upcoming brand, we are in a constant process of improving our CSR commitment - and we always strive to do better.

One of HELMSTEDT’s most important goals is to create unique, beautiful pieces that will last a long time in the wardrobe. Therefore our choice materials is a careful process where the key goal is to find high-quality fabrics, to match each hand-painted print, to make your HELMSTEDT garment feel like a little piece of art, specially made for you to wear for a lifetime.

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