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Designers Remix dives into the roots of the brand by showcasing an upcycled collection made by hand in the heart of Copenhagen mixed with key items from the SS22 collection.

The initial thought of the company was to reuse garments and create unique styles without compromising the environment. This is deeply founded in the DNA of the brand.

In a combined formation the pieces from the SS22 collection will be presented side by side with a unique Re-Made collection. Re-Made is a circular project that seek to produce garments without using any resources with the core purpose of making fashion better. The Re-Made concept is a bespoke subline of vintage pieces and deadstock clothes that extend the lifetime of styles from previous seasons.

This vision is no stranger to the Designers Remix brand. Actually, the brand was founded in 2002 based on this sustainable mindset. Charlotte re-used and re-shaped unsold clothes from many different brands and mixed them together with vintage items. This was the foundation of the brand “Designers Remix”.

The Re-Made collection will be accompanied by key items from the SS22 collection that is inspired by the long for life we experienced during Covid.

“This season in the studio I really felt that everyone of us was craving our normal lives. Covid took away some freedom from us and all of us had a new need for colours. During lock down I came across Hockney’s latest digital work. All the colours – I mean literally ALL the colours – what an inspiration. We played with life in all aspects – jumped into the full spectra. I see the use of colours in a minimalistic a solid – yet sexy way. Again, the balance between masculine and feminine is executed in the choice of a masculine style in a vivid colour. Women empowerment with a Sex and the City attitude is captured trough the celebration of the 90’s with sweats, contrasts, sexiness and a new minimalism. Welcome life.”
- Charlotte Eskildsen

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