Berner Kühl

Berner Kuhl 08 AW21

Berner Kühl presents their SS22 show during Copenhagen Fashion Week. For the young brand, the show is their first, and is presented in both physical and digital form.

There it is, vague and unclear like a Fata Morgana dissipating in the desert sand. Its details too
blurry to understand from a distance. When I reach out to touch it, the water dissolves in the sand.
At first, it is like a warm night wrapping my body in the thickness of a summer day’s end. Waiting in
the sun all day; in anticipation and calm.

Collecting stones on the beach; no direction, no goal. Something catches my eye and leads me on
its way. To be interrupted by a shimmer from afar. Direction changed, picking up the pace. What is it that I want? Like diamonds forming under high pressure and temperature. When carbon-
containing fluids dissolve minerals and replace them with diamonds. An idea is formed.

It shimmers so beautifully in the sun. Catching the light; its reflection blinds me. For a moment I am
unsure of my presence, blinded by the unknown. Unable to navigate, I stop. Should I proceed?
Feet tapping on a sandy surface; I look down, I am running.

There is an urgency building somewhere in the furthest corner of my unconscious; lingering. Is that
a Technicolor Sunrise? My heart is beating faster now. The heat of the sand burning; pushing me
forward. A drop of sweat is forming on my forehead, it lingers for a little while, hanging out around
my second most pronounced freckle.

I lose my breath; my lungs hurt. The shimmer is stronger now. I proceed. Like a crow
collecting shiny objects. It is like a primal urge - going back billions of years, ever present from
forever ago. Carried to the surface in volcanic eruptions. Running through unknown terrains, barely
noticing a route. It feels like a fleeting thought has manifested and like water turns to ice; now solid.

My feet are bleeding, but they are senseless. Focused, so very focused. There is only this one
thing, it is all that matters. I only see one thing. It feels like it’s a matter of seconds. It is a matter of
seconds. I stop, I’ve made it.

There it is: my face reflected in the water.

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