A. Roege Hove

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For our show debut during CPHFW we would like to open up the A. ROEGE HOVE universe and invite people in to see our 6th RTW collection.

Col. 06 is a continuation of our constant development in the knitted material and the body
that wears it. We design very intuitively and strive to create styles that have a life on their
own and the transformation from hanger to body is amazing, so we will try to incorporate this
in a live format. Our focus is always to create effortless and extravagant styles, and
developing our styles into a show context has been a true challenge we have loved to take
on - the sculpturalism created in our styles upon movement is something we are really
excited to share with you all.

Read more about A. Roege Hove on the link below.

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