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The CPHFW Accreditation form allows Press, Buyers and industry professionals to apply for attendance to the brand showcases on the Copenhagen Fashion Week Schedule.

Fill in your information and tick the desired brands you would like to either digitally or physically attend their showcases. Each respective brand will process your application and will be in touch in due course.

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Sustainability In February 2023, all show schedule brands must comply with minimum Sustainability Requirements. Up until 2023 - meaning this AW22 and SS23 - all brands that are accepted on to the schedule for the AW22 season will have to fill out the Sustainability Requirements form as part of the preparation process for February 2023. Brands are not required to live up to the specific requirements yet, but it is mandatory that the form is filled out as part of the application for this season and next season. Further information can be found through the survery guide.

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Zalando Sustainability Award Copenhagen Fashion Week is honoured to present the next edition of the Zalando Sustainability Award. Following the success of last season, it is with great pleasure and excitement that we invite you to apply for a nomination as one of the three finalists for the award. Should you wish to apply for the Zalando Sustainability Award you must fill in the additional form.

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Talent Slot Dedicated to supporting emerging talent and committed to showcasing a rising visionary designer, Copenhagen Fashion Week is proud to announce its official Talent Slot for AW22. By ticking that you wish to be considered for the Talent Slot, your application will be shared with the Official Copenhagen Fashion Week Show Committee who will decide the brand for the season ahead.

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